Alice Bailey

Alice BaileyBorn on June 16, 1880 in Manchester England, Alice A. Bailey popularly referred to as AAB to her followers, was a renowned theosophist and influential writer. The theosophy that Alice Bailey termed as Ageless Wisdom included esoteric psychology and healing, occult teaching, astrology and other religious and philosophical beliefs.

After the initial years in England, AAB moved to United States in 1907 and spent rest of her life in the U.S. as a teacher and a writer. Alice Bailey passed away on 15 December 1949 at the age of 69.

Alice A. Bailey is best known for her famous writings on mysticism and is also renowned as the founder for the international esoteric movement. Esoteric astrology by Alice Bailey seeks to explain the soul of a person and its spiritual desires, unlike the other astrological branches that focus on the personality of the people.

The theory and philosophy of esoteric astrology is the foundation of the Ageless Wisdom teachings by AAB.

The works of Alice Bailey, influenced by Madame Blavatsky, were mostly written between the years 1919 to 1949. The famous works of AAB focused on esoteric beliefs and thoughts with wide ranging topics on spirituality and its relation to meditation, the solar system, healing, destiny of nations, spiritual psychology and prescriptions for society.

The interesting aspect of AAB’s writing is that, she claimed most of her writings to be dictated to her through telepathy by Master of the Wisdom, whom she initially referred to as D.K or The Tibetan, however identified later as Djwal Khul. After the initial resistance, Alice wrote 24 books on philosophy, ancient wisdom, religion, astrology, healing, science, psychology and nations.

Esoteric healing has also been one of the most prominent topics and beliefs in AAB’s writing. As per the esoteric healing beliefs, it is the soul that heals and not just the body of the human. Alice A. Bailey – famous author on mysticism and founder of international esoteric movement spoke about the esoteric healing in “The Treatise on the Seven Ray” and also wrote about it in “Law One of Esoteric Healing”.

There are some of famous writings by Alice Bailey that are referred to by her followers as The Alice A. Bailey material, or as the AAB material. The basic idea for all her writing is the seven rays of energy, which as per Alice Bailey school of thought, shape the entire phenomenal world and the evolution of human life. As described by AAB, these seven rays of energy not only impact and condition the human psychology, spirituality and physicality, but are also the creative forces for stars and planets.

The most renowned and famous works of Alice Bailey include The Consciousness of the Atom, From Intellect to Intuition, The Soul and its Mechanism, From Bethlehem to Calvary, the Labors of Hercules, The Unfinished Autobiography and many more. Alice Bailey with the help of her second husband Foster Bailey founded the Arcane School in 1923. The school offers correspondence courses in Alice Bailey’s heterodox version of theosophy with the basic views on karma, a divine plan, reincarnation, masters and humanity’s achievement of its original divine status.

Although, Alice Bailey’s work and beliefs became popular and had great influence on the New Age Movement, neopaganism, psychotherapy and healing and also on the popular culture; it also faced some criticism and controversy for some of her statements on American isolationism, nationalism, Fascism, Soviet totalitarianism, Nazism, Zionism, Africans, race relations, Jews, Judaism, Christianity and some of the other topics, which were considered racist.