Aura Colors And What They Mean

Aura Colors and what they meanYou’ve probably heard the saying that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are consciousness manifested. If you believe this, as I do, then you know that we are basically energy, and that everything is made up of this energy.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all people and every object. Each person or object emits a multicolor energy field that radiates 2-3 feet all around the body, including above the head and below the feet, where it goes into the ground. The aura is invisible to most people, however some can see it, and everyone can learn to see the aura colors.

There are two types of aura: the aura that is around living objects such as people, plants, and animals, which is changing and depends on the persons emotions, health, and thought processes. And then there is the aura that surrounds non-living objects: stones, inanimate objects, etc. that doesn’t change.

The auric layers are interrelated and therefore the all effect one another. Each layer has it’s own frequency, and when one layer is out of balance it effects all the other layers of the aura.

Each layer of the aura is associated with a color, And each color can mean different things depending on its’ brightness and clarity.

Red corresponds with the physical body and generally refers to someone who is energetic, active, adventurous and passionate. A deep red color can indicate that you are realistic and have a strong sense of willpower, whereas a muddy, black-red may indicate anger. Reds leaning toward the bright pink end of the spectrum imply a sensitive, affectionate and artistic nature. And dark pink may show immaturity. Reds leaning toward orange reveal confidence and creativity.

Orange in the aura is associated with emotions and the reproductive organs. And indicates a loving productive, adventurous and outgoing personality. An orange-yellow color indicates creativity, intelligence and sometimes a perfectionist attitude.

Yellow relates to the life energy and the spleen. Its a playful and easy going nature. A light yellow aura could mean that psychic awareness is emerging. and there is a positive and optimistic energy about new ideas and concepts. Bright lemon yellow could indicate losing control, in personal areas or a business relationship, or the fear of losing control. Clear gold means that spirituality is awakened and the person is inspired. Brownish yellow could mean struggle, and stress related to learning or over-analyzing.

Green in the aria can be related to nature. Physically, green is related to the heart and lungs. Green int he aura represents a sense of balance and growth. A person that loves animals and nature, maybe a teacher or healer . Emerald green indicates a healer, while yellow-green indicates good communication skills. Dark green can mean insecurity and blaming of others.

Turquoise means a compassionate person that could be a healer or counsellor. People who have this color are organized and influential, can handle large numbers of people.

Blue indicates a calm and collected person, someone who likes to help others. The softer blues mean peaceful and honest whereas bright blues reveal a psychic or higher spiritual nature. Dark blues could imply fear. Fear to be yourself and express it. Indigo auras are intuitive and sensitive to feelings.

Purple or violet shows a clairvoyant or psychic powers. Artistic, idealistic and visionary people. The color purple in the aura of the person represents a high spiritual level. It also relates to the crown chakra, pineal gland and the nervous system. Lavender can indicate imagination and a daydreamer.

Silver is the color of abundance both material abundance and spiritual abundance. Bright silver can also show the opening of the cosmic mind. Dark fray implies that there might me a trace of fear in the body, and the person needs to be careful that it doesn’t manifest in health problems or illness. Black in the aura could mean that he person hasn’t let go of past hurts, either from this lifetime or a past life. An unforgiven nature, or not “letting go” that needs to be addressed to avoid health problems.

Gold is associated with protection, inner wisdom and divine guidance. This person is enlightened and has the guidance of a higher frequency.

White or light in the aura shows spiritual aspects and truth. Angels may also be present around the person. Aura colors and intensity, especially around and above the head, have very special meanings.

The colors of the aura can vary in each person and each moment, because it depends on the emotions and mental state. Some people are born with the ability to see auras, but this ability can be learned and everyone has the ability to do it.