Billy Graham

American Evanlgelist Billy GrahamBilly Graham – American evangelist leader was born on seventh November in 1918 and rose to fame due to the broadcasting of his sermons. A part from having his sermons broadcasted on radio and television he has been an adviser to a number of United States presidents. His name has been among the names of people who are most admired in the world.

The evangelist was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States and he converted in 1934 while at the age of sixteen. He studied at Sharon high school, Florida Bible Institute and Wheaton College. He had a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Florida Bible Institute and B.A. in Anthropology from Wheaton College.

He got married o n thirteenth August, 1943 to the late Ruth Graham who passed away in 2007 at the age of 87. He is a father to Franklin, Nelson, Virginia Leftwich, Anne Graham and Ruth not forgetting he has nineteen grandchildren and twenty eight great grandchildren. In 1947 while at the age of thirty he served as a college president at Northwestern Bible College in St. Paul, Minnesota until the 1952.

He is believed to have preached to many people more than any one known in history has. It is reported that the number of people accepted Jesus Christ through him exceeds 3.2 million. In the year 2008 his television and radio broadcasts was above 2.2 billion.

He was once hired by the Youth for Christ International as a full time evangelist where he was able to travel far and wide. This position gave him a chance to minister in various parts of the United States and Europe. He was against racism and segregation where he interacted with martin Luther king and clearly stated that there is no scriptural basis for segregation.

During the cold war he called for peace and he also denounced apartheid in South Africa. He has authored twenty nine books but despite being a great preacher and writer his life is full of controversies. A considerable number of members of the clergy and Christians have claimed that his messages are deceiving. His interviews with the media and his books have been critiqued by various people who have raised question about his faith.

His claim that he had friends from all walks of life and from various religious backgrounds caused a lot of questions. Some people claimed that since he was associated with ungodly people he was an enemy of God. His endorsing of the grotesque New Living Translation of the Bible made many critiques view him as a false evangelist as the transition was said to be misleading.

The evangelists support for countries like china and his good words in regard to some leaders are also questioned by many. Some of the people who he talks good of are known for putting hundreds of people through a lot of pain. His lifestyle and the way he conducted his business has not been okay with some people but so far Billy Graham – American evangelist leader remains popular.