Collective Consciousness

The concept of universal consciousness, also known as energy consciousness and collective consciousness, is becoming more widespread and accepted in both spiritual philosophy and in certain types of esoteric belief systems. Universal consciousness is present in every one of us at any given time. And it’s more than just a simple philosophical idea – the secret is to explore it, to believe in it and to use it to help you live your true life purpose.

It is believed that a person who has the necessary knowledge and training can access this superior state of consciousness. You can learn to tap into the universal consciousness through a number of practices such as mediation, developing your psychic abilities, and following your intuition. If you do, you will start to become aware of the situations, attitudes and the instances of synchronistic events changing in your life for the better.

Throughout History…

The concept of universal consciousness is an old one that has been around for over 2500 years – over the centuries, its definition remained the same although people’s perception has changed. Ancient philosophers were the first ones to claim that there is an universal mind that contains all our thoughts, information, knowledge, actions, relationships and such. It is also believed that this form of consciousness opens the pathway to Divinity.

In a nutshell, this term refers to a blend of relationships, knowledge and other processes that make up the entire Universe.

The Power of Consciousness

Universal consciousness is believed to be omnipotent (able to do anything), omnipresent (it can be anywhere and at any time, and in multiply locations) and omniscient (it knows everything). Otherwise stated, it is limitless and it can grant somebody the access to an infinite amount of power, to help him improve his ability to co-create with God, or if you prefer, the One source of All That Is.

In addition to the ancient philosophers, the well-known physicist Albert Einstein also claimed that we are surrounded by energy. And every item and living being emits energy that is made up of the same particles that are part of the entire Universe. His beliefs were identical to the ancient philosophical and spiritual teachings.

Consciousness is the same for every one of us, regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs (if any) and it grants us access to all the known and unknown knowledge in the universe.

If you believe in the Creator, you can easily gain access to a wealth of knowledge, information and sources of creativity through the Universal Mind (another name given to the Universal consciousness).

Over the centuries, people have tried to define consciousness in a variety of ways – some people refer to it as one’s capacity to process his very own existence, while others claim that consciousness is directly connected to the feeling of self-awareness. Despite the fact that many people do not believe in this concept, it is a notion that is widely accepted when it comes to explaining the body-soul connection and the origins of the soul.

The Universal consciousness is also directly connected to other fields like spirituality, religion and even mysticism. The bottom line is that the Universal mind is who we truly are, it grants us access to a higher level, or higher frequency – all we need is to believe in its existence and to have the ability and the will to access the wealth of information that has been given to us.