Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden, the best-selling author and prominent speaker, has been featured as a guest in various media specials and international conferences. He has been exploring the role played by spirituality and consciousness in the current technology. He is considered the principal authority on bridging the past wisdom with the future peace, medicine and science. Gregg Braden is viewed by many as a great visionary with the ability to speak directly to your mind while touching the wisdom in your heart.

Prior to becoming an author, Gregg Braden worked for Martin Marietta Aerospace as a senior computer-system designer during the final years of the long cold-war. He worked also as a geologist for the Philips petroleum during the 1970’s. In 1991 while working at Cisco systems, he became the 1st technical-operations manager where he was in charge of the global support team which ensured the consistency of the present internet. He is the initiator in bridging the ancient times wisdom with the current peace, healing and science.

After retiring, he toured the world for over twenty five years and researched the highest mountain villages, the already forgotten texts and various remote monasteries plus ancient temples to help uncover the best timeless well kept secrets. This research resulted in the release of the paradigm-shattering book in 2004, “the God-code” which revealed phrases from the prehistoric message which has been coded into every life’s DNA. This release revealed the promise of our very own future & our past’s secrets. The discovery he made linked the bibles alphabet of Arabis & Hebrew to the modern chemistry revealing a lost code.

Between the years 1998-2005 he visited central Tibet, his expedition into central Tibet’s monasteries revealed a certain forgotten prayer. This prayer form got lost all through the bible edits by the early on Christian church. He documented this type of prayer which had no words or any outwards expression which helped us connect to the quantum force, which connects everything in the globe, in his book the-secret-of-the-lost-mode-of-prayer. Prayer is a powerful means of connecting and feeling is the key to this prayer. We all can feel so we can communicate directly with the forces-of-nature surrounding us. So instead of being a helpless observer we all have an opportunity to take part in every event as it unfolds.

Through his work over the years, from the discoveries of the lost prayer and code to his controversy releases, he has managed to inspire our deepest and sincere passions with the correct tools to help us create a better globe. As an international speaker he has inspired the multitudes all over the world with his great revelations and teachings. His work has been featured in the Sci-Fi channel, discovery channel, history channel and also in the NBC.

Gregg Braden’s books have been in about 33 Nations and in 17 languages thus teaching the world that the key to a better future lies in the past’s wisdom. Currently, he is working as an international speaker with live events in different places in the world where he gets to share with his funs and teach them his discoveries.