James Redfield

James Redfield was born March 19, 1950 in rural Alabama. He had always been keen about spiritual issues and continued to make in depth inquiries even as a young boy growing up in a tight knit Methodist church. Because his inquiries into the spiritual realm remained unanswered as he grew up, we divested a significant […]

Who Is Wayne Dyer?

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a renowned self help author and one of the more popular motivational speakers. What is the secret behind his popularity? Why do people get motivated when they hear him speak or read his books? To find the answers let us see what made Dr. Wayne Dyer the person he is today; […]

Billy Graham

Billy Graham – American evangelist leader was born on seventh November in 1918 and rose to fame due to the broadcasting of his sermons. A part from having his sermons broadcasted on radio and television he has been an adviser to a number of United States presidents. His name has been among the names of […]

Alice Bailey

Born on June 16, 1880 in Manchester England, Alice A. Bailey popularly referred to as AAB to her followers, was a renowned theosophist and influential writer. The theosophy that Alice Bailey termed as Ageless Wisdom included esoteric psychology and healing, occult teaching, astrology and other religious and philosophical beliefs. After the initial years in England, […]

Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden, the best-selling author and prominent speaker, has been featured as a guest in various media specials and international conferences. He has been exploring the role played by spirituality and consciousness in the current technology. He is considered the principal authority on bridging the past wisdom with the future peace, medicine and science. Gregg […]

Deepak Chopra

Born on October 22nd 1946, Deepak Chopra is an Indian born, American physician, Author and public speaker. As a global pioneer and leader in the field of mind-body medicine, Chopra is transforming the world’s perception of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Deepak Chopra is a creative author of not less than 65 books. […]