Stress Management Tips

Figure Out What’s ‘Important’ and What’s ‘Urgent’, And then Schedule the Important Stuff

Urgent items are the things that keep us busy. Sometimes they’re important in there own way, like ‘sit down and write that sales presentation or you’re going to look like a dumb-dumb on Monday’. And they may even be important for someone elses’ goal. However, most of the time they don’t move us toward our goal. There will always be urgent stuff, it comes up, you deal with it, and then you get back on course.

Important items are the things that you would regret not doing before you die. You know what they are. That dream of having your own retail store, or being a doctor, or having your own consulting business. The dream you’ve had since you were 10? That’s important. Important items are the dreams, hopes and desires that make you feel alive. They belong to no one else. They are yours.

Now sit down and imagine the best end result of your dream. See the details, feel the feelings and recognize the grateful emotions. Then going backwards from there write down the steps you would have to take to get there. Reverse-engineer the process to your dream by breaking large projects into smaller tasks, and setting short-term deadlines. Now schedule some time, even an hour per week to work on your life’s purpose. Redirect your energy to only those activities that will move you closer to your goal.

Learn to Say No

The sooner you learn to say ‘No’ the happier you’ll be. Want instant happiness? Say ‘No”. It sounds so simple, but tell that to your brain, which apparently likes to feel important for a moment more than feel happy for a lifetime.

Let’s face it, we feel important when other people ask us for help. We feel needed. Awwwww! That’s nice and all, but it’s like a quick-high that sooner or later must come down.

We feel great until we get home and see our “life” collecting dust on the desk of our soul.  Being a buoy in the ocean of life waiting for the waves to take you where ever they may, instead of choosing to ‘go for it’ and swim directly for the shore.

So, learn to say “No”, and don’t over-commit to other people’s crap. Unless it moves you closer to your goal, of course.

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