The Law of Attraction

[frame]The Law of Attraction[/frame]The Law of Attraction is a theory based on the principle that you should never dwell on the negative aspects of life. It says that your thoughts influence your destiny. In fact, the Law of Attraction is not a new concept. The only new thing about it is that it has been brought to the forefront only recently. Many people have started following it in the present day.

In order to understand the law of attraction, you have to first understand the basics of the law.

  • The law of attraction is a natural law. The law of gravity, the laws of aerodynamics and the law of attraction are all laws that rule the world in which we live. Among these, the law of attraction is the law which operates your life. This fact may or may not be known by you. Whether you admit or not, this law has a role to play in the life of everyone.
  • Like attracts Like. This principle is as true as “Birds of a feather flock together”. It attracts people very similar to you in nature, thoughts and deeds. It also attracts matching situations and considerations that befall you. It is this law and power that connect people of similar interests together.
  • Change is the only answer. As you know that the only thing permanent in this universe is change, you have to change yourself and your attitudes so that you may succeed in your life. When something that you do not like in life is happening to you, then you have to change your attitude. Just relax and think about all that is happening in your life and try to figure out where you are going wrong in case you are failing in all your attempts. Be very honest with yourself and bring in all the necessary changes so that you may attract success.