Who Is Wayne Dyer?

Wayne Dyer, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Teacherwayne-dyer-clouds-imageDr. Wayne Dyer is a renowned self help author and one of the more popular motivational speakers. What is the secret behind his popularity? Why do people get motivated when they hear him speak or read his books? To find the answers let us see what made Dr. Wayne Dyer the person he is today; what influenced him towards the right path so he could help others enhance their lives.

Today Dr. Wayne Dyer has more than 30 books to his credit, which are widely read and have brought significant and remarkable changes in peoples’ lives. His words about spirituality, affirmation of faith, intention are powerful messages that have a positive impact on the reader.

Like every human being Dr. Dyer too had a childhood, albeit a disturbed and a non-conventional one. He spent most of his young days in orphanages and foster homes where he learned to rely on himself to get ahead in life. Clearly adversity in early life brought out the best in Dr. Wayne Dyer and led him to success. Instead of taking the easy way out and blaming life and circumstances, he trudged on to meet challenges in an amicable and positive way! Thus he won over situations and created conditions that were favorable to him.

Dr Wayne Dyer motivated himself to join the Wayne State University in Detroit, became an educator and studied to get his doctorate in counseling psychotherapy. Even before he earned his doctorate from university of Michigan and Wayne state, Dr. Dyer was teaching high school and medical students. Prior to this entire education period he served for four years in the navy, where he probably imbibed the importance of self discipline. A lesson well learned and came of great help in the long years ahead.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s words appeal to the truth inside all of us, because he learned it the same way. He teaches that the inspiration for development is within us, not outside us. His book “There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” has helped many a person to look within and successfully rectify whatever is going wrong with their lives. Dr. Dyer’s earlier books “Your Sacred Self”, “Real Magic”, among others are great spiritual guides on how to deal with life and its turbulent nature. Among his earliest books are “My Turn”, “Be Here for Him Now”, “Seven Secrets of a Joyful Life” and “Finding Peace in the Spiritual Marketplace” became the turning point in Dr. Dyer’s life as a self help author and motivational speaker.

“My Greatest Teacher”, “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao”, “Experiencing the Miraculous”, “Making the Shift”, and CDs like “Wishes Fulfilled”, “I am Wishes Fulfilled”, “Secrets of Manifesting”, are all powerful messages. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s message is intrinsically simple and yet so very true. He urges us to seek inside and see that we are meant to be happy all the time, only with a simple trick of focusing on the positive and doing away with anger, hurt, jealousy and other negative thoughts. He teaches us to forgive and get on with life as he has done and only think, focus and create the happiness we wish for.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is busy attending seminars most of the time, but he calls Mauihis home where he has his loving family. Dr. Dyer believes and teaches that we make of life what we think and concentrate it to be; our thoughts and intentions bring exactly those conditions foremost in our minds. “The Power of Intention” clarifies the fact that a law of attraction works to attract those energies that we constantly dwell on; so banish negative thoughts and focus on the good and positive to change your life for good. A visit to www.drwaynedyer.com/blog/latest is an eye opener and shows the way to fulfillment.