Aura Colors And What They Mean

You’ve probably heard the saying that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are consciousness manifested. If you believe this, as I do, then you know that we are basically energy, and that everything is made up of this energy. The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all people and every object. […]

Astrological Signs, Symbols And Stones

Aries – March 21 to April 19 Symbol: Ram Your Element: Fire Ruling Planets: Mars Stone: Ruby Characteristics: Aries the Ram is called the first sign of the Zodiac. We think of the beginning of the year as January, because that’s the start of the new calendar year. But this is the Zodiac year, remember, […]

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking, in its most simplistic form, depends on your attitude. It makes you a winner or a loser. It’s up to you. Whatever you think you can or cannot do, you’re right! And your thoughts and attitude totally control your path, your destiny, and your future. Charles Swindoll said, [quote]The longer I live, the […]

Stress Management Tips

I think everyone needs stress management tips to help them cope. Sometimes we are so out of tune with our body, almost detached, that we have no idea when we are actually feeling ‘stressed out’. This is when stress manifests itself in feeling ill or unwell. But there are signs to look for , even […]

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What Is Meditation?

Meditation refers to a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused. Practitioners of this art report increased awareness, focus, and concentration, as well as a more positive outlook in life. Meditation is most commonly associated with monks, mystics and other spiritual disciplines. However, you don’t have to be a monk or […]

Benefits of Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis can be a relaxing, soothing experience; helping you to loosen up and ease your tensions. It is a form of meditation that allows you to converse with yourself. It is a way to de-stress and leave your worries for a while. On a short-term vision, self hypnosis can help you improve your learning […]

Life Mapping: Success

Success is more than economic gains, titles, and degrees. Planning for success is about mapping out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route. Origin: Who you are A map has a starting point. Your origin is who you […]

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7 Ways To Develop Your Intuition

Have you had that experience when all of a sudden you just had this huge hunch that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, that intuition was eventually manifested in reality. When you feel strongly about something without logical basis to it, that’s called intuition. And there are several ways to develop your […]

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What Is Past Life Regression?

A lot of people ask questions like: What is past life regression? What are the benefits of it? Is there really any evidence that we live more than once?

What is Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation in essence is about helping our self to develop inner peace, calmness, respect and a sense of tranquility but it is also about helping our self to grow as a respectable person in the society. Meditation is about helping our self with our mind and the way our mind influences our life.