What Is Past Life Regression?

past-life-regressionA lot of people ask questions like: What is past life regression? What are the benefits of it? Is there really any evidence that we live more than once?

These are all good questions which obviously can not be thoroughly answered in a short article such as this. Some people think that the thing about the belief in past lives that separate it from religious beliefs is that past life regression provides a lot of evidence that it is for real, rather than simply something you believe in because you were taught to believe it, or because you simply hope that it’s true. I’m not sure if this is true since in the end it all comes down to someones ‘story’ and your own interpretation of it.

Many books have been written by psychologists who accidentally stumbled upon past life regression when they tried to hypnotically induce of current life memory from one of their patients. The idea behind regression therapy is that many problems start when we experienced something as a child.

Psychologists will hypnotize their clients to help them recall repressed events, and then once they remember the actual event, the issue goes away.  For instance a person with severe fear of sex might remember a repressed event of child abuse, and then be able to get over her sexual issues.

The interesting thing is when patients were instructed to go back in time and recall the event that is responsible for their current issue, the patient would remember being another person. It might be she was a male soldier in the civil war who died in battle being choked to death.

Then once she recalled that event, the problems she had been having breathing properly, suddenly went away. Countless thousands of people around the world have had lifelong issues resolved, sometimes even in a single session of past life regression. I personally haven’t done a past life regression session, but would be open to trying it.