What is Remote Viewing?

what-is-remote-viewingRemote viewing is a way to ‘see’, within the mind, a target at a distant location, that is hidden from physical view using extra sensory perception (ESP).

Remote viewing allows a viewer to give details about another place or situation that may be on the other side of the world, or in the next room.

Without that person being physically present at that location and having no clues as to what it is. These impressions are usually not accessible to normal senses due to distance or time.


For example, a viewer might be asked to describe a location on the other side of the country, which he has never visited; or a viewer can describe an event which happened very long ago; or about object locked in a room; or perhaps even describe a person activity by following him; all without being told anything about the target.

Remote viewing is usually based on a tried and tested formula of scientific protocols that might have several aims to keep the viewer focused on the target; to keep the data clean means good information; the viewer can be only source for the information.

The remote viewing protocols do not affect any psychic quality in a positive way or negative way. The final report shows absolutely clean and accurate results which will be again verified by real feedback. Always be careful at looking for instructions, because there are lot of fakes and improper information out there.

Remote viewing as a descriptive of the process is a very poor choice as we do not really ‘view’ the data from the target. The impressions initially take the form of, sensory data like; touch, taste, and smell. Later it takes on stronger data builds like target dimensional, size, mass and density. This leads on to stronger data and intangible type data like; feels religious, a sense of dread, feels happy.

The US Federal Government spent $20 million trying to understand the psychic phenomenon in a program called the Stargate Project. A lot of the documents were declassified in the 1990s.  And the program was stopped and the government claimed that the participants of the remote viewing project couldn’t produce any useful information.

Regardless of the government experiment, and public dismissal of remote viewing, a lot of people claim they can do.