Who Was Albert Einstein?

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein was an influential, eminent and distinguished scientist of the 20th century. He was a theoretical physicist, mathematician and a genius who developed and formulated the general and special theory of relativity. He won the noble prize in physics in 1921 for his contribution to the photo-electric effect.The mass energy equivalence equation was also one of his great achievements.

Albert Einstein’s life history:

He was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th 1879 to a middle class Jewish family. Initially his father was a feather-bed sales man and later ran a moderately successful electro-chemical factory. His mother was a house wife. He had one sister named Maja.

He began his school career in Munich and continued till 1895 wherein he was dropped out of school.However, he developed interest in reading and studying science at the very young age itself.He was an average student but he revealed an extraordinary curiosity and inquisitiveness for grasping and understanding the mysteries and concepts of science.

His family relocated to Italy where he attended a congenial Swiss school.Later he entered the Federal Institute of Technology,Zurich. He excelled in maths and physics but did not fare well in the other subjects. He then went to a special school in Aarau in Switzerland and graduated in 1896.It was during this period that he renounced his German citizenship.He received his diploma in the year 1900 and worked for a Swiss patent office in 1902.During his leisure time he carried on his research studies in the area of theoretical physics and in the year 1905 published a few of his fundamental scientific works.

He married his college mate Mileva Maric in 1903 and had two sons. In the year 1909 he became the professor of theoretical physics in the University of Zurich. In 1914 he moved to Berlin to take up a research oriented job. It was at this time that he got legally separated from his wife and two children. Later he married Elsa his first cousin in the year 1919. He worked consistently on his general theory of relativity and completed it successfully. As his theory was proven right he became famous over night. His theory received overwhelming response,confirmation and recognition and he was proclaimed as the symbol of science by everyone.

He involved and engaged himself in politics and supported the new progressive party.He even championed and favored the German Republican Government and other progressive causes.He shifted to Princeton, New Jersey as he did not wish to live in Germany under the Nazi rule.Here he worked at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study.During his later years he strived hard to bring about world peace and even carried on his research in science till his death.On April 12th 1955 he died of aneurysm at the age of 76.

The theories that he evolved are now practically applied and incorporated in the development and construction of television sets, remote control devices,lasers, DVD players and in automatic door opening systems.No wonder the Time magazine recognized and identified him as the “Person of the century” in the year 1999.